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Khasi cuisine


Genasi Na Kam
You cannot leave Meghalaya without tasting Genasi Na Kam: dried fish cooked with green beans and chilies. Half a teaspoon of ash water (karchi) is added for the special taste that lovers of this dish swear by. It is easily available, and recommended highly.

Jado Stem
As you surely know by now, Meghaiayans eat a lot of pork and rice, and this dish is a rather deadly combination of both-rice cooked in pig's fat with ginger, onions and turmeric. It packs quite a punch, but is absolutely yummy and worth braving, if you have the stomach for it. You'll find it in any restaurant in Meghalaya serving traditional dishes

Mylliem is full of Khasi, dhabas famed for their rugged cuisine. Try Doklai if you're brave: it is pork brain, hot chilies and onions, all mixed and boiled. Jado and Domas, made of rice and meat with vegetables, are perfect for the less adventurous.

Rice Bowl Shillong
Khasi food restaurant in Shillong. Has a wide menu in Chinese & Indian cuisines
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Motphran, Wahthapbru, Shillong
For table reservation call :  8787358901 / 9863112392